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Partnership with Nova Liga

Updated: Feb 17

The Nova Liga is the main and official partner of the Football Tour organization. And now a little bit of prehistory.

The Nova Liga is the largest international amateur football tournament. The project began as a small tournament. With each season, the league has grown and today is the second most played tournament in Portugal. About 100 teams from 22 countries and different nationalities participate. The tournament includes amateur football (football 7 and football 5), which take place in different cities of Portugal. Games are held on the best fields of Portugal with professional refereeing. Taking part in tournaments like this you can meet interesting people, learn more about different cultures, while having a good time playing football.

The Nova Liga includes 3 stages:

1. Championship

2. Cup

3. National final

This cooperation will bring many benefits to both parties. Specifically, the creation of new horizons for building of the 4th international stage of the Nova Liga tournament. For this team participating in the tournament is a great opportunity to travel with friends, discover new interesting cities, create incredible memories while playing football. For the Football tour, in turn, this is a good opportunity, since it helps growing the number of teams in future tournaments that take place outside of Portugal.

This partnership is a kind of a union that will not only strengthen and support both organizations in the present, but also provide an opportunity for growth and development in the future.

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